Happy family

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Happy family

In a beautiful town, where all the animals Live together in peace, Rayno and Feri are two best friends that with the help of their other friends, try to solve the problems with their imagination and creativity.


He’s a cautious and polite boy. He has a traditional family who loves him. He’s very curious and love to know more about the world around him and learning new things.


She’s Feri’s mother, a homemaker. She’s a great cook and has a PHD in literature. She also nurture flowers and ants in her yard.


He’s Feri’s father. A carpenter, who is very good at his job and loves to spend his time in nature. He loves his family and has a lot of information about different matters.


Feri’s friend. He mostly spend his time at Feri’s house. His parents both have jobs and can’t make enough time for their son. Rayno don’t like pizza and convenience food and he loves Feri’s mother Home cooked meal.


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